Content analytics

Your product detail pages are responsible for positioning your brand in Amazon, the purchase experience you provide your consumers is vital in order to generate sales and increase your rank in the marketplace.

Amazon’s algorithm, called A9 is responsible for choosing the position where your product will be shown when users search for related terms, several factors come into play to make this decision such as:

Sounds easy, right? However monitoring hundreds or even thousands of ASINs quickly become a daunting task, our analytics platform does the job for you and provide you with actionable data to make simple improvements that will increase your organic rank and sales, making your products more relevant for your consumers.

Ranking and competition analytics

Keep a close look on how your products are ranking when your consumers search for related terms such as your brand or your category. Maintain a close look at your competitor’s and stay on top of upcoming trends.

Dive deeper into the Top 10 positions analysis and obtain insights on the frequency your ASINs are winning the very top positions.

With this data, you can be one step ahead of your adversaries and continuously improve your listings to increase your organic ranking with the data our platform provides.

Brand vs Competition Report
Brand vs Competition Report – Top 10 positions